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Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just enhance a smile’s beauty and health—it can change people’s lives, too. Many of our Troy patients, as well as our patients from surrounding areas like Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak and Rochester Hills, Michigan have written us to express their satisfaction with our treatment.

Our patients have found that a prettier smile can enhance their happiness, self-esteem, and social and professional lives. Skillful cosmetic dentistry can go a long way; patients from all over Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills and Detroit, Michigan have found that a smile makeover, or simply a smile enhancement can enhance their lives and self-image.

Alan – Patient Since 1985/Veneers

Dr. Craig Goldin took care of Alan's smile problem with Veneers. Alan is very happy with his results! Alan says he's gotten a lot of compliments from people of all ages about his new smile. He also says, "many dentists will tell you that they specialize in cosmetic dentistry. But not all of them have the training and expertise that Dr. Goldin has."

Letters from Satisfied Patients

Dr Goldin,
A year ago, when I was told by a local dentist that I would need to have my two front teeth pulled and would need extensive bone grafting due to a childhood injury, I was devastated! I searched the internet trying to find the very best person for this challenging job. That's when I found you. I took a chance and made the decision to drive the three hours so that I could go to the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute. It was a leap of faith, after all... Internet photos and testimonials can be altered.

Today, I want to thank you and your team. I love my new teeth and the folks at Cosmetic Dentistry! I will continue to drive the three hours for my normal maintenance, I can't imagine going anywhere else. You all feel like family as you have been on this journey with me. What an amazing team you have! I also thank you, Dr. Goldin... with each surgery you made sure I left with beautiful temporary teeth. I feel like crying every-time I look in the mirror. My new teeth are beautiful! I wasn't given much hope here in my hometown. I was told they would do the best they could under the circumstances. Because of you, my teeth look amazing and I have the confidence to smile again! I'm so happy I found you!

My sincere gratitude to you and your fantastic team!

Teri Davis

Dear Dr. Goldin,
A bottle of the very best champagne for the very best dentist. It’s only fitting! Please accept this gift as a token of my appreciation for the incredible work you do. I couldn’t be happier with my new smile… now it is truly complete.

Thank you for the patience, kindness, and attention-to-detail you showed throughout the entire process. I always have and will continue to recommend you to everyone who compliments me on my smile (and that is often).

Kara Hocking

Dear Dr. Goldin,
I never imagined that my smile could light up an entire room. I never thought I would receive so many compliments everyday about how amazing and perfect my smile is since I had my veneers done by Dr. Goldin.

I knew I couldn't have made a better choice in determining which doctor would be best for me once I saw Dr. Goldin's work and met his staff. Not only is my smile remarkable, but so was the entire process due to him and his wonderful team. Thank you so much, Cosmetic Dentistry Institute! You certainly are the best in the nation and keep me smiling constantly!!!

Kristi Pioch

Dear Drs. Marcy & Craig Goldin et al,
Since I've had my makeover, I've been a happier person. I think less about how I look, or how other people think I look, so it's been easier to talk to people in school and at work. I can see that I laugh and smile more freely, without the anxiety that I used to get just from worrying about what everyone else thought about my crooked teeth. Instead, now I've been complimented about how white and straight my teeth are. I feel like I was blessed. My mother knows how much happier I am, too. She wasn't able to pay for me to have regular dental care or braces when I was young, so I think she is very happy for me too. So, thank you so much for this wonderful gift. I think my teeth are beautiful!

Molly O'Donnell Harrel

Dear Drs. Goldin and Staff,
Saying "Thank You" seems so meaningless based on all that you did for me. I never doubted your abilities and talent, but you have exceeded my expectations. Where you really should be recognized is in your patience, thoughtfulness, and teamwork. I am truly impressed and in awe of your family. I'm glad I found you guys!

Michelle Poxson

Dear Drs. Goldin and Staff,
Hi, my name is "Big Will" Elijah, the trumpet player/lead singer for the Sun Messengers Band for the 2004 NBA Champions the Detroit Pistons. A few months ago I had ten miles of “ruff road” in my mouth, as my mom would put it. I had lots of crowding in my upper and lower teeth. I didn't know how much a great smile would and did impact my career. Eight years of hiding my smile for fear of rejection and who knows how many lost opportunities ended when I met Dr. Craig Goldin and his awesome staff. He guided me through my decision process to see that the BriteSmile® procedure and porcelain veneers were the right thing for me, and I couldn't be more excited! Now I smile so much my face hurts. I'm also very proud to know the winners of the Cosmetic Dental Practice of the Year Award, a nationally renowned award for the top cosmetic dental practices.

Thank You Dr. Goldin and Staff,
William "Big Will" Elijah

Dear Drs. Goldin and Staff,
My entire life I’ve been ashamed to smile. All I ever wanted were straight teeth. Coming from a family of ten kids, braces were not affordable for my parents. By the time I got old enough to afford braces on my own, I was too embarrassed to get them because of the “metal” look. When I heard about Invisalign® through the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, I knew it would be the perfect solution for me. I could still go about my normal activities, and nobody even noticed I was wearing them! Since I’ve been on my Invisalign® treatment, my confidence has grown daily. I find myself constantly smiling, especially when I take pictures. It’s something that I’m still trying to get use to -- and my treatments aren’t even finished yet! I’m so excited to see my final results! Even when I look back at my “before” photos, it still shocks me how crooked and unattractive my teeth were. Although my results are not yet final, I couldn’t ask for a better smile! I also couldn’t ask for a better place to go for my dental needs. I am most satisfied with the way I am treated with every visit to the Goldins. Never have I been to a doctor’s office where I have been so educated. The staff is extremely thorough and the information I receive helps me to understand the importance of taking care of my teeth. Dr. Goldin and his staff have been more than willing to accommodate both my dental and financial needs, which have made my overall experience even better. It’s not just straight teeth that I am gaining through this experience; it’s self confidence, happiness, knowledge and a new smile. Words can’t express my gratitude to Dr. Goldin and the entire staff at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, and I’ll be forever grateful!

Amy Chang

Dear Dr. Goldin,
Just a quick note to thank you and your amazing staff for our million dollar smiles!! We’ve got the photos to prove it – you did a terrific job! We are very happy with our new teeth. Our thanks go to everyone there for taking such good care of us.

Kara Hocking & Steve Couchenour

Dr. Goldin,
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to work with Invisalign® to try and have them make new aligners for me without the rough edge. Your whole team had made this experience for me a pleasant one. Even though I have always hated my teeth, soon, I hopefully won't be able to say that! In light of your recent Best Cosmetic Dentists in the nation award you should take your customer service attentive staff to a nice dinner, because they are the ones who make you look good and us feel good. I have had many of them say to me that your office is the nicest one they have worked for! Thanks again for your support and excellent treatment!

Alicia Grohs

Dr, Goldin,

It's hard to express in an email how very Happy I am with the Restoration of my mouth. My teeth look amazing!!!!!! You were spot on with the look and how natural the teeth will appear. I love the variations of color and the perfect imperfections.....Your an incredible listener with the ability to communicate and deliver. I am so grateful and Thankful that I had you do my restoration work. I trusted the right person.

Dr Goldin you are an artist.
Richard S

Drs. Goldin and Whalen

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