Preserve Oral Health By Avoiding these Common Bad Dental Habits By Craig Goldin DDS on August 11, 2015

A smile with a damaged tooth compared to a smile free of blemishesThere are many positive steps that can, and should, be taken to preserve the health and structure of the teeth. However, just as important as maintaining these beneficial practices is avoiding those that are harmful to the teeth. At Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, we are dedicated to helping patients preserve good oral health. We offer services such as general dentistry treatments that care for the health of the teeth and gums to help patients maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. But, as beneficial as these services are, good oral hygiene needs to be maintained at home as well. Here we discuss bad dental habits commonly practiced by our Troy patients and how they may be doing more harm to the health and structure of the teeth.

Harmful Dental Habits

Bad habits can be hard to break and it is easy to shrug them off as something that is not such a big deal. Unfortunately, the following dental habits can cause damage to the teeth and, over time, can be harmful to a patient’s overall oral health.

  • Poor oral hygiene practices: Neglecting to clean the teeth properly creates the ideal environment for bacteria, which will eventually lead to tooth decay. However, a lack of an oral hygiene routine is not the only harmful habit. Using improper cleaning techniques can also be damaging to oral health. For example, patients may use too much pressure when brushing the teeth. This can lead to erosion of tooth enamel, which will make it easier for bacteria to enter the center of the tooth and cause an infection.
  • Nail biting: Nail biting is a nervous habit that affects many people. Most people try to break this habit to improve the appearance of the nails and fingers, but it can also benefit the teeth. The teeth are not meant to withstand too much force. Repeatedly biting on nails can cause enamel to wear down, which can cause tooth sensitivity and leave the teeth vulnerable to decay.
  • Using the teeth as tools: Have you ever opened a bottle with your teeth? How about tear open a bag of chips? These habits may not seem like such a big deal, but over time they can damage the protective layer of the teeth and make decay and infection a more likely problem.
  • Bruxism: Bruxism, a habit in which patients clench or grind their teeth, is yet another harmful habit that can break down the tooth’s outer layer of enamel. With the teeth weak, a chip, crack, or fracture becomes even more likely.
  • Smoking: Smoking is a habit that can have serious consequences on a patient’s oral health. Studies show that tobacco users have an increased risk of developing gum disease and may also have a harder time fighting it off. Aside from these health concerns, smoking can also negatively impact the appearance of the smile, making the teeth look discolored and unattractive.

To improve oral health, preserve the strength of the teeth, and maintain the beauty of the smile, patients are best off avoiding these bad dental habits. Instead patients should focus on beneficial practices such as a good oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist.

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