The Most Common Causes of Tooth Loss By Craig Goldin DDS on July 11, 2016

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Tooth loss is one of the most common issues we deal with every week. Let's take a moment to consider the most common ways that people lose teeth and seen out the help of a dentist.

Serious Tooth Decay

When your teeth are seriously decayed and damaged, this can lead to eventual tooth loss. This may be due to weakened tooth structure and breaks in a tooth, or perhaps because of the infection of a tooth resulting in tooth-loss.

Periodontal Disease and Gum Recession

Periodontal disease refers to the bacterial infection of the gum tissue. This is caused by the oral bacteria that naturally occurs in the mouth. There are three stages to gum disease:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Advanced periodontitis

When periodontal disease progresses to later stages, it results in gum recession, which is the loss of gum tissue around the root structure of a tooth. This can make loose teeth and tooth misalignment more likely, contributing to an increased chance of tooth loss.

Contact and Combat Sports

Sports such as football, hockey, rugby, boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts (MMA) can cause serious trauma and injury to the mouth and face. This increases the chances of tooth loss. When participating in any of these activities, be sure to wear head and mouth protection to help prevent tooth loss.

Slips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common causes of tooth loss. Any time you experience severe trauma to the head, face, or mouth, it can lead to damaged or dislodged teeth.

Vehicle Collisions and Auto Accidents

Many people wind up losing their teeth as a result of serious accidents with vehicles. This includes bike accidents, skateboard accidents, and so forth. Whenever you are on a skateboard, bike, or motorcycle, consider wearing a helmet to protect yourself. In cars and trucks, wear seat belts and safety restraints in accordance with the law.

Accidents While Eating

Sometimes when you bite and chew, you may accidentally wind up biting a very hard object or item. This includes bones, unpopped popcorn kernels, hard crusts of bread, and so forth. Unexpected biting like that can lead to serious chips and cracks on your teeth, which can result in tooth loss.

Severe Root Canal Infections

Within each tooth is a bundle of soft tissue known as dental pulp. This combination of connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels was essential for the initial formation of the tooth. Serious tooth decay or tooth injury can result in bacteria infecting the dental pulp. Serious root canal infections may require extraction to alleviate pain and prevent the spread of infection.

Smoking and Tobacco Products

Smoking does more than just stain your teeth and increase your risk of lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. Tobacco products in general make you more prone to infection, which in turns means an increased risk of gum disease and gum recession. Consider this another reason to quit.

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