The Benefits of Using a Tongue Scraper By Craig Goldin DDS on April 11, 2017

Using a tongue scraperThere are many products that people can get at their corner store that purportedly improve dental health and wellness. Some are better than others. Patients often ask the staff at our Troy restorative dentistry center whether or not these oral hygiene items are worth the investment.

Tongue scrapers are one such dental instrument we get a lot of questions about. Let's go over the basics of tongue scraping and then consider its benefits for your dental health and overall wellness.

What Is a Tongue Scraper?

A tongue scraper is just what it sounds like. It's a dental instrument used to scrape the tongue clean. The scraper helps remove dead cells, food particles, and bacteria that resides on the tongue.

The tongue scraper is centuries old, and is often traces back to Ancient India. The practice of cleaning the tongue was common in Africa, South America, and the Arab world. In Europe until the 19th century, tongue cleaning was mainly practice by the rich.

Tongue scrapers vary in shape, with some allowing for scraping while others may be more like brushes designed just for the tongue.

Simple and Easy to Use

Using a tongue scraper is simple. The scraper is laid flat against the tongue and pulled from the back of the tongue to the tip of the tongue. You repeat this action until the entire tongue is cleaned.

Tongue Scrapers Can Improve Your Breath

Bad breath is the result of oral bacteria feeding on food particles and dead cells remaining in the mouth. Since tongue scrapers remove unwanted matter from the tongue, they can help improve your breath. In fact, flossing, brushing, and using a tongue scraper can get your mouth clean and free from things that can cause you to experience serious halitosis.

Tongue Scrapers Are More Comfortable Than Brushing

If you have ever tried brushing your tongue, you know just how uncomfortable that can be. This is not the case with a tongue scraper, however. Tongue scrapers are comfortable to use by comparison, and will not cause you to gag or feel discomfort.

Tongue Scrapers Can Potentially Improve Your Sense of Taste

When food particles and dead cells remain on your tongue, there's a chance that your sense of taste will be negatively impacted. By cleaning your tongue, you can potentially improve your overall sense of taste. This is an important consideration if you are a foodie or are trying to improve your palate for wine and craft beers. A little scraping can make a major difference.

How Often Should I Use a Tongue Scraper?

If you want to have a mouth that's completely clean and healthy, consider scraping your tongue every time you brush your teeth. That means at least twice a day, essentially. If you want to really get the most out of tongue scraping, consider brushing, flossing, scraping, and using mouthwash after every meal. This will keep your mouth fresh and clean, and may make your next meal especially flavorful.

Learn More About Improving Your Dental Health

To learn more about tongue scrapers and how they can help you have a healthy smile, be sure to contact our team of experienced dentists today. The team at our practice looks forward to your visit and discussing these matters in greater detail.

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