Can Porcelain Veneers Be Reshaped? By Craig Goldin DDS on November 22, 2021

close up of pointer finger with porcelain veneer on the tipPorcelain veneers are one of our most commonly requested cosmetic treatments but patients sometimes wonder if their veneers can be reshaped after they’ve been attached

While our skilled and accredited cosmetic dentists at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy, MI, work closely with patients to create beautiful smiles using custom-designed veneers, we’re happy to make adjustments, when possible, after veneers have been applied. 

When Can Veneers Be Reshaped?

If you think your veneers are too long or too square, we can carefully reshape them to match your expectations. However, at this stage, we can only remove porcelain from a veneer to adjust the shape. It’s not possible to reshape it by adding more porcelain. 

Too Square

Not all tooth shapes look the same in every mouth. Some people have teeth that are more square while others have more rounded teeth. If your new veneers look too square for your mouth, or if they don’t match your other natural teeth, the dentist can gently round the square edges. They will do this little by little until you approve of the final shape. 

Too Long

If your natural teeth are short, you may have requested veneers to lengthen them. If at first you feel like the veneers are too long, you might just need some time to get used to them. If you still don’t like how the veneers look after a few weeks, contact our Troy office to schedule an appointment. Our cosmetic dentists will carefully adjust the length.

Too Short

Unfortunately, veneers that are too short cannot be reshaped. Even the most skilled cosmetic dentist cannot add porcelain to veneers after they've been attached. In this case, the dentist would remove the porcelain shells and replace them with newly-designed ones. 

How To Avoid Disappointing Veneers

The key to an exceptional cosmetic dentistry experience is to choose a dental team with the proper accreditation and training. Almost all general dentists offer porcelain veneers, but they do not all offer the same outcomes.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Institute has earned a reputation for beautiful cosmetic dentistry and draws patients from Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield, and throughout the area.

When searching for a trusted and experienced cosmetic dentist, look for the following qualities: 

  • AACD Fellowship: Dr. Craig Goldin is an accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which is recognized as one of the highest achievements in cosmetic dentistry and assures you that your dentist has advanced training. 
  • Experience and Knowledge: Our dentists have decades of experience and advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Goldin also teaches advanced cosmetic procedures to other dentists.
  • Before and After Photos: Ask dentists, or search their websites, for before and after photos of previous patients who have received porcelain veneers. 

Porcelain Veneers in Troy, MI

Drs. Craig Goldin, Marcy Goldin, and David Whalen have created a spa-like atmosphere where patients receive high-quality, gentle dental care. Our team meets all of the criteria mentioned above, so you can trust them to create your ideal smile with porcelain veneers. 

To schedule your initial consultation, call (258) 519-1919 or fill out our online form.

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