Dental implants

Dental Implant Cost

The cost of dental implants can be determined by factors such as the number of implants needed and necessary preliminary procedures.

We offer a wide range of implant options to suit your specific budgetary needs.

Learn more about dental implant costs and how we can make treatment more affordable at Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy, MI.

Dental implants

Five Factors that Affect Dental Implant Cost
Determining Your Treatment Cost

Dental implant cost is shaped by several factors that are unique to each individual. Dental patients with complex oral health issues, such as extensive tooth decay or a large number of missing teeth, can expect to pay more for their procedure than an individual with a single tooth that is missing. We can begin outlining your estimate during a consultation at our dental practice in Troy. Generally, determining factors include:

Number of Implants Placed

The number of implants required is a significant factor that will influence the overall treatment cost: the more implants needed, the more expensive the treatment typically is. However, we use advanced implant dentistry techniques to reduce the overall costs for dental patients who need to replace multiple missing teeth. For example, ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS limit the number of implants needed to support a dental restoration.

Restoration and Abutment Types

The type and number of dental restorations placed also greatly affect the price. Replacing a tooth with a single implant-supported dental crown will cost less than replacing several teeth with a bridge or a full arch of teeth with a denture. Additionally, restorations fabricated from high-quality materials will cost more than lower-quality materials. Abutments (connector pieces between the implant post and the restoration) also range in price depending on materials and technology.

Preparatory Dentistry Procedures

In order to receive dental implants, individuals need to have enough jawbone mass to retain the posts. Dental patients who have had missing teeth for an extended period of time may require a bone graft or sinus lift to fortify the area. In other cases, patients may first need to have damaged teeth extracted. These procedures will increase the total cost of your dental implant treatment.

Type of Sedation

Some patients are comfortable with local anesthetic whereas others prefer sedation, such as nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. Alternatively, patients receiving several implants or who have complex cases may choose intravenous (IV) sedation. Nitrous oxide and oral medications are moderate in price, while IV sedation is relatively more expensive.

Your Choice of Dentist

It is important to choose a dentist that has experience and skill in implant dentistry. Although a trusted dentist may charge more, patients are more likely to be happy with their results.

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Dr. Craig Goldin is a graduate of the highly respected Misch International Implant Institute, where he underwent rigorous training in the placement and restoration of dental implants. He maintains his Diplomate status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and received his IV Sedation training at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York.

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What Is the Actual Cost of Dental Implant Treatment?

We are dedicated to delivering outstanding treatment outcomes while also keeping dental implant costs down. We offer a variety of types of dental implants, allowing us to meet your unique needs. We also use the latest technology, including digital x-rays, CEREC, and the i-Cat 3-D CT Scanner system.

Single-Tooth Replacement

Single dental implantThis is by far the least costly option for our patients. While costs can fluctuate considerably, dental implant-supported crowns, which are used to replace one tooth, typically run between $1,000 to $3,000.

Full Arch Replacement

Implant-supported dentureFull mouth restoration with dental implants costs more than single tooth replacement. However, we offer All-on-4® and ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS, which allows us to place fewer implants and lower the overall price of treatment.

ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS An Incredible Investment

ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS costs are all-inclusive and include:

  • All x-rays and dental imaging scans
  • All surgical costs including extractions, bone modification, and grafting, as needed
  • Sedation procedures
  • All dental implants, implant components, and parts
  • A provisional (temporary) bridge or denture
  • A final Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge
  • All post-operative visits
  • One free year of maintenance visits
  • 10-year warranty on your Prettau Zirconia Bridge (if maintenance protocol is followed)

We can determine whether this advanced bridge technique is appropriate when you visit our dental practice in Troy.

Dental Implants Are an Investment in Your Health and Confidence

Maximum Stability

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The unique advantages of dental implants make the procedure well worth the cost for many patients suffering from tooth loss. Because the posts fuse with the jawbone, implants can provide a lifetime of stable support for crowns, bridges, and dentures with proper care. Dental implants allow people with dentures, in particular, to eat, speak, and laugh with full confidence that their restoration will not slip out of place.

Preserve Your Jaw and Appearance

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Implant-supported restorations also preserve the jawbone and facial structure. Once tooth roots are missing, the bone starts to deteriorate. By essentially serving the function of tooth roots, dental implants can maintain a strong, healthy jawbone and in doing so, preserve a more youthful appearance. Bone atrophy starts to occur within a year of tooth loss, so it is important to undergo implant treatment quickly to prevent bone loss.

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Very caring and extremely knowledgeable staff and doctor. They made sure I was comfortable, answered all of my questions, and spent a very generous amount of time with me. I truly believe they want what is best for me and my situation. I highly recommend them, and thank Dr. and his staff.

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