ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS is a revolutionary full-arch tooth replacement system which uses zirconia bridges attached to dental implants. The exact price of your procedure can only be determined after an initial consultation, but the all-inclusive cost at Cosmetic Dentistry Institute starts as low as $29,000. Dr. Craig Goldin in Troy, MI, strives to provide the highest quality treatment at the most competitive prices. Most of our patients find the benefits far outweigh the cost and payment plans are available.

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This solution can be an incredible investment in your confidence and quality of life. 

Key Cost-Related Questions about Your Procedure

To determine the total cost of your ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS procedure, Dr. Goldin will evaluate your candidacy and consider several questions:

Will You Need Preliminary Procedures?

Patients who are interested in ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS may not be immediately able to receive dental implants due to diminished jawbone density. Following extended tooth loss, the jawbone will begin to break down. This reduced jawbone mass compromises implant retention, since the implant eventually fuses with the jawbone.

At Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, we believe all patients should receive the high-quality care they deserve can work with you in creating a payment plan.

Such patients may need a preparatory procedure that increases their jawbone strength or size, such as a sinus lift or bone graft. Additionally, some patients may need decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth removed before having implants placed. Any preliminary procedure will increase the overall costs of receiving ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS.

How Many Implants Will You Need?

Typically, a patient needs six implants to retain the Prettau Zirconia® Bridge, although some patients may need only five implants to anchor the prosthetic. Of course, if you receive a set of bridges on both dental arches, this will double the implants placed. Each implant will increase your costs incrementally.

What Kind of Sedation Will You Choose?

Some patients may have their implants placed under a local anesthetic and oral conscious sedation (pill). Others will choose IV (intravenous) sedation to ensure their complete comfort. This deeper form of sedation will cost more but patients can have peace of mind knowing that Dr. Goldin is certified in IV sedation therapy.

What Will Be Included in My Cost?

Our practice strives to be completely transparent from the very start of your treatment. ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS costs are all-inclusive and include:

  • All x-rays and dental imaging scans
  • All surgical costs including extractions, bone modification, and grafting, as needed
  • Sedation procedures
  • All dental implants, implant components, and parts
  • A provisional (temporary) bridge or denture
  • A final Prettau Zirconia Bridge
  • All post-operative visits
  • One free year of maintenance visits
  • 10-year warranty on your Prettau Zirconia Bridge (if maintenance protocol is followed)

Receive an Estimate Today

Given the very individualized nature of ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS treatment, and the number of factors that can greatly influence costs, the only way to get a precise estimate is by meeting with a doctor. Message us today to make your appointment and learn more about your treatment details. You can also call and speak to us directly at (248) 519-1919.

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