Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures By Craig Goldin DDS on May 30, 2012

Full Mouth Reconstruction TroyHope for Those with Severe Dental Problems

Do you have one or more missing, broken, or badly damaged teeth? Is your gum tissue or jaw bone in poor condition? Are your teeth misaligned? Do you worry your smile is beyond repair, because it is plagued by a number of dental issues? Do you feel embarrassed by your teeth or state of your gums?

Patients facing a multitude of extreme dental problems may require a full mouth reconstruction at our Troy facilities. In this event, our cosmetic dentist in Troy will recommend a uniquely tailored treatment plan to address all of the issues dealing with the health, appearance, and function of the patient’s smile. A combination of reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry procedures successfully come together during full mouth reconstruction to create the optimal smile for the individual patient.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Our trusted dentist will devise the dental plan that is right for you, whether your treatment is major or minor. Using the most advanced technology and skill, our dentist will ensure each patient’s care is efficient, comfortable, and effective. Full mouth reconstruction may involve any of the following dental procedures:

  • Dental crowns: a natural-looking tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth in need of repair
  • Dental implants: an insertion procedure, used to replace a missing or very damaged tooth
  • Root planing and scaling: necessary for extensive damage from gum disease
  • Dental bridges: a row of prosthetic teeth inserted to replace missing or damaged teeth
  • Dental fillings: tooth-colored fillings used to treat cavities
  • Inlays/Onlays: used to repair teeth that are mildly damaged from decay

The first priority of a full mouth reconstruction is to tend to the health and function of a patient’s smile using restorative dentistry procedures. For our patients in Troy, dental implants can improve the health, function, and aesthetics of the smile .

Full mouth reconstruction often requires cosmetic dentistry procedures, including:

  • Porcelain veneers: porcelain shells crafted to look like natural teeth
  • Dental bonding: composite material applied to fill a gap, fix discoloration, or reshape teeth
  • Teeth whitening: an instant way to brighten and whiten the smile

Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost

The cost of a full mouth reconstruction for patients at our Troy-based dental practice depends on the individually tailored treatment plan and the procedures the patient elects to undergo after considering our dentists’ recommendation. Cost varies, just as every treatment plan varies, from patient to patient.  

Please ask our staff whether your dental insurance will cover all or part of your full mouth reconstruction. When procedures are performed to restore the health and function of the teeth and gums, dental insurance will typically cover a portion of, or the total cost, of treatment.   

Learn More about Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Could full mouth reconstruction be just what your smile needs? Let our qualified dentist serving Troy, Clawson, and the greater Michigan area examine your dental needs and recommend the right treatment(s) for you. Please reach out to our office today and schedule a consultation!

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