Adjusting to Invisalign® Aligners By Craig Goldin DDS on February 14, 2019

Invisialign aligner trays for crooked teethMore and more people with crooked teeth have been turning to Invisalign®, an invisible alternative to traditional orthodontic braces. Dr. Craig Goldin and Dr. Marcy Goldin have helped countless patients in the Troy, MI area have straight, healthy, and beautiful smiles without the need for brackets and wires.

A number of prospective patients often ask us about pain and discomfort from Invisalign® and if there is an adjustment period to consider. We at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute would like to cover the basics of these matters below so you understand how the treatment process works.

How Invisalign® Works

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment system that uses clear plastic aligner trays as opposed to brackets and wires like braces. Patients wear their Invisalign® aligners at all times except for when eating, drinking, or cleaning their teeth.

Every two weeks, patients will switch out their old Invisalign® aligner for a new one. The pattern continues throughout the entire treatment process until a patient’s teeth become gradually straighter and properly aligned.

Is Invisalign® Painful?

Invisalign® is not painful necessarily, but it can cause some soreness and discomfort as patients swap out old lingers during the treatment process. This soreness is to be expects since the teeth are being shifted in position.

For most patients, the soreness lasts for a few days, but is far less of an issue after the first week. Thankfully there are many things that patients can do to address any discomfort that they may feel while undergoing Invisalign® treatment.

Wear Your Aligners as Much as Possible

By wearing your Invisalign® aligners as much as possible each day, your teeth will become more accustomed to them. This is important in the first day or so after a new aligner tray is worn.

Eat Soft Foods in the First Days with a New Aligner

Since your teeth will feel tender after you switch to a new Invisalign® aligner, you can reduce discomfort while eating by having soft foods. Crunchy, chewy, or tough foods can lead to serious discomfort in the first days after getting a new aligner, so consider keeping your foods easy to chew each time you swap out an aligner.

Avoid Hot and Cold Food Items

Hot and cold temperatures can often trigger tooth sensitivity and soreness. In those first days with a new Invisalign® aligner, try to stick with lukewarm or room temperature foods and beverages. It’s just another means of reducing discomfort.

Wear New Aligners at Night

The discomfort of Invisalign® treatment is most pronounced when you switch to a new set of Invisalign® aligners. We recommend switching out the Invisalign® aligner before bed at night. This lets you sleep through the initial hours that your teeth are adjusting, and can help you be less cognizant of any discomfort.

How Long Is Invisalign® Treatment?

Invisalign® treatment lasts about as long as traditional orthodontic treatment with braces. Most Invisalign® patients undergo treatment for about a year to two years depending on the extent of their malocclusion.

With that in mind, patients will typically experience milder discomfort overall as the treatment is performed and their teeth are realigned.

What If I Still Have Problems Adjusting?

If you notice serious discomfort when wearing Invisalign® aligners even after the first few days, be sure to speak with your dentist about the matter about the issue. This could be the sign of a more serious dental wellness problem that requires professional attention.

Learn More About Invisalign®

For more information about Invisalign® and whether or not it’s the right option for you, be sure to contact our experienced team of cosmetic and restorative dentists. We at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute can help improve your dental health. You can reach us by phone at (248) 519-1919.

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