Should I Get All-on-4 or Traditional Implant-Supported Dentures? By Craig Goldin DDS on January 09, 2024

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Do you need extractions and are exploring your options for restoring your smile? Or are you unhappy with the performance of your traditional denture? If you have missing or damaged teeth, you know the impact it can have on virtually every aspect of your life. At our Troy, MI, office, we strongly recommend dental implants to restore health and vitality to your smile. If you decide implants are right for you, an important consideration is whether you want to get a traditional implant-supported denture or All-on-4® implants. Both All-on-4 and traditional implants offer incredible benefits to the right patients. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at which one might be right for you.

Understanding Bone Atrophy After Tooth Loss

In order to understand the benefits of different implant techniques, it’s important to know that even a single missing tooth will cause bone loss at the site. That’s because tooth roots provide stimulation and signal the body to deliver vital nutrients to the jaw. If you’ve been missing teeth for some time, you likely have experienced some degree of bone loss. The solution? Bone grafting or choosing the right implant technique.

Candidates for Traditional Implant-Supported Dentures

Healthy patients who have experienced minimal bone loss and still have a strong healthy jaw are often excellent candidates for traditional implant dentures. This is often the case for patients at our Troy office who require extractions. Many dentists prefer the traditional implant technique because of its stability. However, if you've been told you need bone grafting first, there is an alternative: All-on-4.

Candidates for All-on-4 Dental Implants

If you’re interested in All-on-4 implants, we’re excited to share an even newer development in the field with you: ESTEEM All-on-X dental implants. The “4” in All-on-4 stands for the fact that the method uses four posts to anchor your denture in place. So All-on-X simply means that you’ll receive the number of implants that will best meet your unique needs.

No Need for Bone Grafting

While patients will still need to have a sufficient amount of bone to support the implants, this technique often allows people to skip preparatory bone grafting. That's because the posts are placed at an angle, maximizing the surface area that will fuse with the surrounding tissue.

Nearly Immediate Results

Traditionally, the implant sites are closed and patients are provided with a traditional temporary denture. But with ESTEEM All-on-X implants, patients can receive a temporary implant-supported restoration in as little as two days after their surgery.

Both Options Offer Incredible Benefits

Whether you choose traditional implants or the ESTEEM All-on-X method, you can experience several benefits over traditional dentures:

  • No need for messy denture adhesive
  • Incredibly lifelike results
  • No shifting or clicking sounds
  • An unrestricted diet
  • Clearer speech
  • Unrivaled confidence

With advanced tools like intraoral scanners and i-CAT™ technology, we strive to provide the most precise, effective treatment possible – regardless of which technique you choose.

Set Up a Dental Implant Consultation for More Information

The only way to know which type of implants are right for you is to schedule a consultation at our Troy practice. During an initial appointment, we can examine your smile, speak with you about your concerns, and discuss options to meet your unique needs. Whatever your goals are, we’re confident we can help. Message us today to get started on the path toward reclaiming your healthy, vibrant smile.

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