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Dental Bonding

Chips, cracks, or discolored teeth can affect the balance and brightness of your entire smile.

Dental bonding is a fast, cost-effective, and conservative procedure that can conceal these minor cosmetic issues.

Reveal a brighter, more beautiful smile after just one cosmetic dentistry appointment at our Troy, MI, practice.

Why are so many patients opting
for this aesthetic dentistry procedure?

"Making Dental Care an Art..."


Gail Logan

March, 2021

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The staff at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute are very professional, highly trained, and skilled in making dental care an art. The staff is warm and non-judgmental no matter the state of your teeth. They are optimistic in offering a solution to your dental needs.

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Mark Stcyr

February, 2021

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As usual my visit was a very professional experience and I would recommend Cosmetic Dentistry Institute to any and all who want to experience the best dental care ever. Nothing but praise for the entire operation. Bravo and keep up the quality care.

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About the Procedure

During a consultation at our Troy, MI, dental office, your dentist will ask about your cosmetic goals and identify which issues you would like to address. After determining your eligibility, we will schedule a time for your dental bonding procedure.
Our award-winning cosmetic care is performed in a high-tech, spa-like atmosphere. 
Our award-winning cosmetic care is performed in a high-tech, spa-like atmosphere. 

Choosing a Shade

Tooth-colored composite resin is a putty-like material used during the dental bonding procedure. At the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, we have many different shades of resin to choose from. Your dentist will help select a shade that closely matches your smile.

Applying the Bonding Material

A dental conditioner is applied to the tooth or teeth to prepare them for bonding. The resin is then carefully applied to the affected teeth. Next, the dental material is molded around the natural tooth structure until the desired shape and size are achieved.


Once the desired outcome has been achieved, the bonding material must be cured, or hardened. This step is completed using a handheld dental light, which is placed over each tooth until the material has cured.

Polishing the Teeth

Finally, your dentist will make any necessary adjustments and polish the teeth. This step ensures that the treated teeth look and feel natural, revealing a new, beautiful smile. 

A closer look at the procedure...

Dental bonding

What Makes Our Cosmetic Dentists Different?

Our dentists have received advanced training in cosmetic dental procedures in order to deliver the best possible results to our patients. Dr. Craig Goldin has earned Accredited Fellow status in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He is the only dentist in the state of Michigan to receive this honor.

We are a patient-oriented practice and strive to put your best interests at the forefront. As always, we adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and care so you can feel safe about going to the dentist.

Drs. Goldin and Whalen

Cosmetic Dentistry Institute

Drs. Craig Goldin, Marcy Goldin, and David Whalen in Troy, MI, have created a spa-like atmosphere where you can relax while receiving gentle dental care. Our team specializes in a range of general dentistry treatments, including:

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"Dr. Craig Goldin, Dr. Marcy Goldin and Dr. David Whalen have earned the privilege of being noted among the world’s best, most knowledgeable cosmetic dentistry experts."

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