Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants are widely recognized as the gold standard in tooth replacement. Cosmetic Dentistry Institute proudly offers different types of dental implants at our Troy, MI, practice to meet the varied needs of our patients. Traditional dental implants are incredibly durable and can offer a lifetime of support. Our doctorsCraig GoldinMarcy Goldin, and David Whalen, also offer mini implants. Although used more rarely, this method is often beneficial if you have suffered jawbone recession since the posts require less tissue. With decades of experience and dental implant expertise, we can determine the right type of implants for your smile.

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Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants are made of biocompatible titanium, and they are typically about three to six mm wide and 6 to 16 mm long. These implants are very reliable, and they have a great success rate - typically up to 98%. Traditional implants can be used to support a single dental crown, a partial or full bridge, such as ESTEEM DENTAL IMPLANTS or a denture.

Mini Dental Implants

Like traditional implants, mini implants are made of biocompatible titanium. However, they are much smaller – usually between 1.8 and 3 mm wide. As a result, they can be a good choice if you have suffered jawbone recession.

Cosmetic Dentistry Institute proudly offers different types of dental implants to meet the varied needs of our patients. 

A common consequence of tooth loss, jaw degeneration can often compromise your ability to receive implants. However, because mini implants are smaller, they require less tissue for support. Therefore, you can often receive these restorations with no need for a bone grafting procedure.

Weighing Your Options

Dr. Goldin nearly always recommends traditional dental implants to his patients because they are more stable, reliable, and longer-lasting. However, he may place mini implants for a larger restoration, such as an implant stabilized complete denture. These prosthetics require several dental implants for support. Therefore, by using smaller posts, he can reduce the impact to your jaw.

It is important to note, however, that mini implants are not suitable for all patients. Because they are not quite as strong as traditional posts, they may not be appropriate in the back of your mouth. This area comes under tremendous pressure when you bite and chew, so traditional posts may be a better alternative. It is also important to consider the cost of each type of dental implant before making your final decision.

Determining Your Candidacy

The only way to learn which type of implant is right for you is to undergo a consultation at our practice. During this visit, we will discuss your medical history, your concerns, and ultimately, your treatment goals. Your doctor will evaluate your oral health and take detailed 3-D images using our advanced i-CAT™ machine and intraoral digital scanner. Most importantly, we will analyze your bone health since the size of the jaw and the density of the tissue will affect your eligibility for different implant types.

Learn Which Implant Is Right for You

If you are missing teeth, contact us online or call us at (248) 519-1919 today. Our doctors can evaluate your oral health to determine which type of implant can best restore the strength and aesthetics of your smile. 

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