Compassionate Family Dentistry Makes Treatment Easy for All Ages

At the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, we proudly provide family dentistry services to patients in Troy, MI, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Craig GoldinDr. Marcy Goldin, and Dr. David Whalen each have a gentle touch and compassionate demeanor. They know how to put patients of all ages at ease, and they are especially adept with kids. We offer a full range of dental treatments for young patients, including exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and more. We even offer special incentives to make dentistry fun and exciting for children. Our doctors encourage parents to bring their kids in starting at a young age. That way, parents and dentists can work hand-in-hand to lay a strong foundation for oral health.

Benefits of a Family Dentist

Establishing care with a single dentist for your entire family has several important benefits, including:

Maintaining the schedules of multiple family members can be difficult. If your entire family are patients at the same dental practice, you can schedule your appointments together for your convenience. This can not only save you time but also ensure that you and your children do not fall behind on checkups.
Comprehensive Treatment
Our practice offers a broad range of treatment from restorative procedures to cosmetic services, allowing you to receive care for all of your smile needs in a single location. This also allows us to accommodate the needs of patients at any age. We can also provide same-day emergency dentistry.
Establishing Comfort 
Many patients suffer from dental anxiety. Visiting a new dentist can be stressful. Bringing your family to one practice for all of their dental care can help make the experience more pleasant, especially because our staff is dedicated to friendly, patient-oriented service.
Informed & Personalized Care
Your doctor will also be very familiar with your family's medical and dental histories. This allows us to anticipate potential oral health issues, plan treatments in the most effective manner, and personalize your dental care to your goals and needs.

Our team is passionate about providing you with the best possible care.

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Preventive Care 

For both adults and children, preventive treatments are the foundation of good dental care. Because regular care is so important, you should bring your child into the office no more than six months after you can see their first tooth. After that, we encourage you to schedule appointments twice a year.

Cleanings & Exams

We will begin every appointment with a thorough cleaning and exam. Your hygienist will gently remove any plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth. These substances are the primary causes of cavities. Afterward, the doctor will examine your little one’s teeth, looking for decay, over-retained baby teeth, and misalignment. Usually, the dentist will take x-rays at every other visit. If your dentist detects any developing problems, he or she will recommend appropriate care.

Fluoride & Sealants

Fluoride treatments are another preventive option that can be especially beneficial for young kids. Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen developing dental enamel. Unfortunately, most children do not get enough fluoride, even with the levels that are added to city water supplies. We can provide fluoride treatments to fortify your child’s teeth.

Drs. Craig and Marcy Goldin are parents themselves. As a result, they know how to make treatment fun and accessible.

As your child’s permanent molars start to come in, we will typically place sealants. Your dentist will paint a liquid plastic on the back teeth, where the material will harden. Food and bacteria will often accumulate in the grooves on those teeth, and toothbrushes cannot reach all the way down into the crevices. Sealants will form a barrier to keep bacteria from collecting on the enamel and causing decay.

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits for Your Child

Often, parents do not realize how essential routine dental treatment is for kids. However, it can have a significant impact on their oral health for a lifetime.

Establishing a Relationship

Routine visits with the dentist - particularly the same dentist - can help your child build a positive relationship with dental care starting at a young age. 

Preventing & Treating Decay

Children can easily suffer from decay because they often do not know the proper ways to care for their teeth. When kids develop cavities, they are actually more likely to have recurring decay as adults. Our preventive treatments can protect your child’s smile. 

Providing Tools for Success

Additionally, early visits will give us the opportunity to teach your child about caring for their smile. We instruct all of our patients in:

Proper Dental Hygiene
As soon as your child's first tooth appears, you should begin brushing. As your child grows, we can teach proper oral hygiene techniques. This is important because it helps them take an active role in their dental care, and establishes good habits for a lifetime.
Healthy Food Choices
Since children are highly susceptible to decay, it is important to limit the intake of sugary foods and drinks that can increase the risk of cavities. Encouraging a balanced diet can help protect their teeth. 

Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have about helping your child maintain a healthy smile.

Making Dental Care Fun

At the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, we really love treating kids. Drs. Craig and Marcy Goldin are parents themselves. As a result, they know how to make treatment fun and accessible. We want your child to feel comfortable in the office so that he or she will develop healthy dental habits for life. Our reception area has a special kids’ corner with toys and puzzles. Children can even earn toys and prizes every time they come into the office.

Our practice offers a broad range of treatment from restorative procedures to cosmetic services, allowing you to care for all of your smile needs in a single location. 

Caring for Smiles at Every Age

In addition to pediatric care, we provide treatment for every stage in your life:

Treatments for Teens

As your child enters their teenage years, they may feel self-conscious of their smile. Our doctors can perform cosmetic and orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign®, to help them achieve straight, beautiful smiles.

Procedures for Senior Patients

We understand that senior patients have very specific needs. For example, dry mouth caused by medications and other factors can increase the risk of several oral health issues. Our doctors can provide a wide range of treatments to help seniors experience the benefits of excellent oral health.

Contact Us to Schedule a Visit

Our team is here to help make certain that your entire family achieves and maintains healthy, dazzling smiles. To learn more about our family dentistry services, or to book an appointment for your family, contact the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute today.

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