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If you have crooked teeth, gaps, or bite misalignment, it can affect the appearance and function of your smile.

Orthodontic treatment is a worthwhile investment that can improve your appearance and oral health for a lifetime.

The skilled dentists at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy, MI, can use braces or Invisalign® to transform your smile.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Enhanced Appearance

Orthodontics can dramatically improve your look. Having straighter teeth can enhance your overall appearance and help your smile look healthier.

Improved Self-Confidence

An attractive smile can improve your self-confidence and many other aspects of your life. Teens may find it easier to navigate the social pressures of high school, and adults may feel more confident becoming leaders in the workplace.

Lower Risk of Cavities

In addition to giving you a straighter smile, orthodontic treatment can have many benefits for your oral health. It can reduce your chances of dental decay, since crowded teeth can more easily trap bacteria.

Reduced TMJ Disorder Symptoms

In many cases, Invisalign can also reduce your risk for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. A severe overbite or underbite can put a lot of pressure on your jaw, damaging the joints or causing inflammation in the surrounding muscles.

Can Orthodontics Improve Your Smile? Request a Consultation

​Orthodontic treatment is a great choice for many patients who want to improve the aesthetics of their smiles while also correcting functional concerns, like bite alignment. Our team of dentists has helped many patients achieve more beautiful, healthier smiles through orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, and they're ready to help you reach your smile goals, too.

To explore your orthodontic options, request a consultation at our Troy office.

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Our team of dentists can help you meet your smile goals with orthodontics.

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Gail Logan


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The staff at the Cosemetic Dentistry Institute are very professional highly trained and skilled in making dental care an art as well as stressing the importance of good dental hygiene. The staff is warm and non -judgmental no matter the state of your teeth etc... They are optimistic in offering a solution to your dental needs. There are many perks to coming to see Dr. Goldin and his staff. I highly recommend this dental practice.

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Hilary Goldin Parker


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I have been going to the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute for 30+ years. And have only had fantastic experiences. The staff is SO welcoming and strive to make every patient feel comfortable and welcomed. They are able to explain complex dentistry and insurance situations to those of us who are unfamiliar with the territory. I have recommended many friends and colleagues to The Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, and all have followed up with glowing reviews.

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Your Orthodontic Treatment Options Invisalign vs. Braces

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We use both of these options to dramatically improve the appearance of patients' smiles at our Troy, MI, practice, also serving Birmingham, Bloomfield, and the surrounding areas.

Invisalign Treatment What to Expect

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment choice because it offers unrivaled subtlety. The system uses a series of clear, nearly invisible aligners to gradually straighten the teeth. At our Troy, MI, practice, Dr. David Whalen is a certified Invisalign provider.


This treatment can address gaps, crooked teeth, and bite misalignment. However, ideal candidates have minor to moderate alignment issues.


The typical length of Invisalign treatment is 12 to 18 months.

Treatment Process

First, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. They will be sent to an Invisalign lab, where trained technicians will fabricate several sets of aligner trays. Because each tray will have a slightly different shape, they will gently push your teeth into proper position.


Invisalign trays are made from smooth, clear plastic, so they are more discreet and comfortable than metal braces. In addition, they can be removed when eating, brushing, and flossing.

Treatment With Braces What to Expect

Braces are fixed orthodontic appliances. This technique involves the placement of metal brackets and wires to move the teeth and bite into proper alignment. This treatment is highly effective and has been used on children, teens, and adults for decades.


Braces are better suited for patients with more complex misalignment issues.


On average, patients can expect to wear traditional braces for about two years before treatment is complete.

Treatment Process

During your initial appointment, the metal brackets will be secured to your teeth with dental cement. A wire will be threaded through each bracket to control the movement of your teeth and bite. About once a month, the wire will be tightened to encourage continued shifting.


Braces are highly effective because they allow for precise and predictable movement of the teeth. They are an excellent choice for treating more severe orthodontic cases.

Get Straighter Teeth Faster With FASTBRACES

Certain patients may qualify for FASTBRACES®, an orthodontic option that expedites the braces treatment timeline by using patented triangular brackets instead of traditional rectangular brackets to move the patient's teeth effectively. FASTBRACES can offer several benefits when compared with traditional braces:

Quicker Timeline

As the name suggests, FASTBRACES can move teeth into place in as few as 100 days. While most treatment timelines will be longer than this, they will still be shorter than treatment with traditional braces, which can sometimes take years. 

Fewer Appointments

During treatment with traditional braces the wire is replaced at each appointment. Only one wire is used throughout FASTBRACES treatment. Using a single wire means fewer appointments with the dentist or orthodontist during treatment. 

Tissue-Preserving Effects

Root resorption, a process in which the tissue around a tooth is reabsorbed into the body, is a common effect of orthodontic treatment. Studies have found that FASTBRACES patients experience less root resorption than traditional braces patients. This may be because of the shorter treatment timeline. 

Reduced Discomfort

Studies show that FASTBRACES can move teeth more easily and smoothly. FASTBRACES patients reported lower discomfort levels than patients with traditional braces.

Which Treatment is Right For You? Request a Consultation to Explore Your Options

It can be difficult to know which orthodontic treatment can address your smile concerns while meshing well with your lifestyle. Our team of experienced dentists can thoroughly review your orthodontic needs and recommend the best treatment option to help you smile with confidence.

Request a consultation at our Troy office to find out how we can enhance your smile with orthodontics.

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Amazing Reviews  From Patients at Our Troy, MI, Practice


Laura Maurer


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Very efficient with check in & out. Hygienist is very nice & experienced. They use all up to date dental tools & technology. Dentist is very through & spends time required to review your options for future dental needs

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Nancy Whaley


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This office was a perfect fit for me and my many dental needs. Dr. Golding is amazing charming,kind and knowledgeable. The office decor is beautiful the art on the walls. The staff is beyond wonderful. 

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Do I Really Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Avoiding orthodontic treatment can leave you with more problems than a smile you don't feel completely confident in. Having untreated misalignment can increase your risk of the following concerns:

Oral Health Issues

Crooked, overlapping teeth can be more difficult to brush and floss. Straightening your teeth can allow you to practice better dental hygiene, lowering the chance of cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. 

Jaw Problems

Bite misalignment can put uneven pressure on your jaw, which can lead to a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders can cause pain in the jaw, neck, and shoulders, as well as headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms. 

Functional Concerns

Overbites, underbites, and misaligned teeth can make performing everyday oral functions difficult. Misalignment can make speaking and chewing harder, and an uneven bite can cause unnecessary wear and tear on healthy teeth. 

Do I Need to See an Orthodontist?

You don't have to see an orthodontist to receive quality orthodontic care. In fact, seeing a trained cosmetic dentist instead of an orthodontist can allow you to explore other options for crafting your ideal smile, like veneers, before deciding on more extensive orthodontic work. If you decide orthodontics is right for you, our Troy dentists can help align your smile just like an orthodontist would. 

"Professional, courteous, and punctual." Patients in Troy, MI, Value Our Practice




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Professional, courteous, and punctual staff. The dentist addressed all of my questions and concerns. I feel very confident in having my procedure done here.

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Kathryn Darby


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Always professional and pleasant! Just the best! Wouldn’t trust anyone else! I highly recommend Dr. Goldin and his talented staff.

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