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Living with missing teeth isn’t easy. Gaps in your smile can turn even simple pleasures like eating and talking into a chore.

Fortunately, custom-crafted dentures can replace missing teeth and restore your ability to chew and speak with confidence.

Talk with the award-winning dentists at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy, MI, to discover today’s innovations in dentures.

Advanced Technology Transforms Dentures Take Advantage of Today's Better Comfort & Fit

For patients suffering from the anxiety and physical strain of missing teeth, dentures can be a dream come true. However, in the past, dentures came with a set of issues all their own. Earlier technology made it a struggle to create a perfect fit, resulting in slippage and shifting when eating or speaking.

Dr. Craig Goldin, Dr. Marcy Goldin, and Dr. David Whalen at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy, MI, use the latest digital technologies to design dentures that fit like a glove, bringing beauty and a comfortable bite back into your life.

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Types of Dentures

We offer a variety of dentures to fit the unique needs of our patients. Right down to the individual tooth, our restorations are designed with the meticulous attention to detail that the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy, MI, is renowned for. 

Traditional Full Dentures

Traditional dentures, or complete dentures, simply rest on your gums. They are a simple and relatively fast choice to replace a full arch of teeth. They are removable and are held in place by suction and adhesives. The gum-colored base and natural-looking artificial teeth will allow you to smile with confidence. Our advanced technology is key to our success with dentures. We use digital x-rays and an i-CAT™ Cone Beam Scanner to create a 3-D image of your mouth. This precise impression allows us to design a denture with the accurate fit you need for comfort and confidence.   

Learn More About Complete Dentures

Partial Dentures

If you are missing teeth in various parts of the mouth, we may recommend a partial denture. Like full dentures, partials have a gum-colored base and artificial teeth made out of an enamel-like material so they blend in with your natural teeth. Most partial dentures are held against the gums by metal clasps that clip onto a nearby tooth or teeth to prevent them from shifting out of position.

Learn More About Partial Dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures

The preferred solution for missing teeth is dentures that are supported by dental implants. The dental implants, which are small titanium posts inserted into the jawbone, anchor your denture in place. There is no risk that these dentures will shift out of place when eating or speaking. In addition to creating a beautiful and secure smile, implant-supported dentures prevent the deterioration of the jawbone and facial collapse that traditional dentures accelerate. Implant-supported dentures are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth in both feeling and appearance. 

Learn More About Implants and Dentures

Instituting Strict Standards For Quality Care at Every Step

If you need dentures, you likely have experienced substantial tooth loss. Because of that, you may also feel worried or embarrassed going to the dentist. However, you've found a place that puts you and your concerns first: the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute.

Every employee goes through Dr. Craig Goldin's personal boot camp training before helping patients. From our office staff to our dental hygienists, we follow strict dentistry standards and have advanced training, so that you receive the compassionate care you deserve.

If you're ready to smile, eat, and talk with confidence, contact our Troy, MI, office or call

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Our dentists provide quality care for all procedures. From placing implants to creating complete dentures, we can restore your confidence with a new set of natural-looking teeth.

Where Dental Care Is an Art 5-Star Reviews


Gail Logan


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The staff at the Cosemetic Dentistry Institute are very professional highly trained and skilled in making dental care an art as well as stressing the importance of good dental hygiene. The staff is warm and non -judgmental no matter the state of your teeth etc... They are optimistic in offering a solution to your dental needs. There are many perks to coming to see Dr. Goldin and his staff. I highly recommend this dental practice.

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Mark Stcyr


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As usual my visit was a very professional experience and I would recommend Cosmetic Dentistry to any and all who want to experience the best Dental Care ever. Nothing but praise for the entire operation. Bravo and keep up the quality care.

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A Closer Look at Traditional Dentures ...

Using digital x-rays and an  i-CAT™ Cone Beam scanner system, we can create dentures that fit snugly onto your gums, helping you to reclaim a balanced and comfortable bite. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of removable dentures in this short video.

Have You Considered Implant-Supported Dentures? They Could Change Your Opinion about Dentures

For patients who are missing many or all of their teeth, we can help. As Dr. Goldin says, "we are fortunate to be living in a time where teeth can be replaced with dental implants." In this short video, we spell out the advantages of dental implants to our patients.

Dentures Timeline

Your timeline will vary based on your unique dental needs. If you need dental implants or preparatory treatments such as a tooth extraction, this will also add to your treatment time.


During your initial consultation at our Troy dental practice, your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your oral health history in order to develop a treatment plan to best fit your needs.


If you do not need implants or preparatory treatment, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth using digital scanning technology. This allows for better fitting dentures and eliminates the need for messy putty impressions. For patients with dental implants, this step is done once the implants have integrated with the jawbone. 


These impressions are sent to our trusted dental lab where they will craft your custom set of dentures. This takes about two to three weeks.

Fittings and Adjustments

Once your dentures arrive at our Troy practice, you will have a fitting appointment. For implant-supported dentures, your dentist will secure your dentures to the implants. This visit allows your dentist to ensure proper fit, function, and comfort. If adjustments are needed, your dentist will make them. It is normal to have a few appointments to make adjustments as you wear your dentures.


All that is left is for you to enjoy your new smile. Your dentist will provide you with the proper instructions to maintain your dentures for years to come.
Have more questions about the treatment timeline? Send us a message.

Anxious About Visiting the Dentist? You Can Rely on the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute

The idea of trusting someone with your teeth can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to dentures. However, our kind and caring dental team will happily provide you with the quality care you need. That way, you can truly feel confident in your smile — and your healthy teeth and gums. Visit our Troy, MI, dentists to begin.

Ready to Take the Next Steps? Request an appointment at our Troy dental practice today

If you're ready to take the first step towards dentures, you're in good hands at Cosmetic Dentistry Institute. Our dentists don't only have the extensive training and experience to restore your smile: they're also dedicated to gentle and compassionate care.

Our sedation dentistry options mean even the most anxious patients can get the restored smile of their dreams. Our spa-like atmosphere and amenities, such as movies while you undergo treatment, add to patient comfort to help ensure the most positive dental experience possible. 

Don't live with tooth loss and reduced oral function. Request a dentures consultation using our online form or call us at:

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We Believe in Only the Best Care For Our Troy, MI, Patients


Anne Meyers


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The staff at this place is incredible they r all so kind and caring... even tho I was late they were all so super nice to me regardless. They were prepared for it seemed like everything and every one of them were very good at their jobs!!! I will for sure be going here to get my dental work done I'm so greatful for the kindness due to the nature of my visit it was super important for me not to feel any worse or embarrassed then I already do I felt very comfortable from the moment I spoke to the first staff member and doctor Goldin was just a super caring super amazing guy as I had hoped... thank u to everyone who I met and helped me today at Cosmetic Dentistry Institute I really truly appreciate u all!!!

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Erica Kane


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I had the best experience shot out to Dr Goldin but a special thank you to all the staff they are great but Tammy and Sophie you two really made me feel comfortable even though I've had bad experiences at other Dentistry offices.

I can not thank you enough.

Now I can really smile for my graduation photos mine and my daughter's.

GOD Bless you both.

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No more closed-lip smiles!

Dentures Can Revitalize Your Mouth And Your Confidence

Before Dentures
Before Dentures
After Dentures
After Dentures
After expert help from the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy, MI, you'll be happily sharing your smile again. You have a variety of options to choose from that can fit your lifestyle and your budget, including partial dentures, traditional full dentures, and fixed dentures supported by dental implants. Whichever you choose, we create beautiful, comfortable dentures that look like natural teeth.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Today's modern dental technology has put comfortable custom dentures, and even implant-supported dentures, within most people's budgets.

As you consider the cost, one important thing to remember is that the experience of living with a full set of beautiful and physically functional teeth can make a tremendous difference in your quality of life.

If you have concerns, talk to your dentist or a member of our team – there are many payment options available to make the style of dentures you want affordable and accessible. We will work with you to place the dental care you need within your budget. 

Hear From More Happy Troy Patients


Nancy Whaley


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This office was a perfect fit for me and my many dental needs. Dr. Golding is amazing charming,kind and knowledgeable. The office decor is beautiful the art on the walls. The staff is beyond wonderful. These ladies make you feel like you have known them forever. If you are looking for a dentist office that you can trust to give you pain stress free visits. You are in the right place. Once I restore my smile I will post before and afters because I will have a lot to smile about.

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Brisilda Malaj


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Office is very tidy and presentable. I got full teeth implants by them. Doctor.Goldin was very professional and helpful. Takes the time to explain to his patients which was much appreciated. :) They did such a phenomenal job and I highly recommend :)

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Drs. Goldin and Whalen

Cosmetic Dentistry Institute

Drs. Craig Goldin, Marcy Goldin, and David Whalen in Troy, MI, have created a spa-like atmosphere where you can relax while receiving gentle dental care. Our team specializes in a range of general dentistry treatments, including:

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"Dr. Craig Goldin, Dr. Marcy Goldin and Dr. David Whalen have earned the privilege of being noted among the world’s best, most knowledgeable cosmetic dentistry experts."

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