Dental Crowns For A Natural-looking Restoration

A damaged tooth does not have to mean the end of a beautiful smile. The Cosmetic Dentistry Institute is a leading provider of natural-looking porcelain dental crowns, helping hundreds of Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak, and Rochester Hills patients restore their dental structure while maintaining a natural appearance. If you have suffered extensive dental decay or trauma, a custom dental crown can restore the balance, comfort, and appearance of your smile. To learn more about how you can benefit from a dental crown, please contact our office today.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that can be placed over a tooth that has been extensively damaged by trauma or decay. A dental crown can also be used to anchor a dental bridge, or replace a missing tooth in conjunction with a dental implant. At the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, we utilize state-of-the-art CEREC® technology to create custom ceramic dental crowns for results that look and feel entirely natural.

What is CEREC® Technology?

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CEREC®, or Ceramic Reconstruction, is a revolutionary technique that uses 3D digital modeling and CAD software to create fully customized dental crowns and porcelain veneers faster than ever before. A digital scan of your teeth will guide a computerized milling machine in creating your custom crown from a single block of specially selected porcelain. CEREC® technology allows cosmetic dentists to treat teeth, then create and place porcelain dental crowns within a single appointment.

Porcelain Crowns with CEREC®

With our CEREC® 3-D system, we are able to precisely craft your porcelain crowns at our Troy practice in just one visit. It's this type of technology that saves our patients time when they are trying to achieve that perfect smile!

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What are the Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns?

As a cosmetic dentistry practice, we understand that sometimes it’s not enough for a dental restoration to serve a practical function – a procedure that restores the natural beauty of a smile can go a long way toward building a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. For this reason, we offer completely natural-looking dental crowns.

Traditionally, dental crowns have been made of metal alloys such as gold and nickel. While these metals are strong and durable, they have an unfortunate aesthetic many find unattractive. Porcelain dental crowns, on the other hand, are highly durable, and look absolutely natural. These materials mimic the appearance of dental enamel, and can be perfectly matched to the color of your natural teeth.

What is the Cost of Dental Crowns?

The cost of crowns can vary greatly depending on the total amount of dental work needed. While some dental insurance providers will cover porcelain dental crowns, some others may refuse. We can work with you to help you understand the cost of your procedure, and how to make it fit comfortably within your budget.

Contact Your Troy Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist Today

If you are from Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak, or Rochester Hills and are suffering from a damaged or missing tooth, now is the time to act. Schedule an appointment with the doctors at the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute today to learn more about what porcelain dental crowns can do for your smile. Or expertise and cutting-edge technology can rebuild your smile - in style! We look forward to helping you reclaim the comfort, functionality, and beautiful appearance you deserve.

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