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At our Troy dental practice, we offer sedation dentistry to patients who have fear or anxiety about dental treatments. Sedation dentistry helps put our patients at ease and allows our dentists to complete complex treatments in a shorter amount of time.

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DR. CRAIG GOLDIN: Sedation dentistry is for any patient who wants to make their dental procedure more comfortable. DR. MARCY GOLDIN: Imagine sinking into a Temper-Pedic cushion, being wrapped in a blanket and surrounded in all the comforts of your bedroom. That's our sedation dentistry. Imagine being so relaxed that an appointment goes by like that. Might have been hours. You don't know. You don't remember, and you don't care. DR. CRAIG GOLDIN: And whether it's a patient who really doesn't like going to the dentist or has a high fear of the dentist or high anxiety going to the dentist or a patient who is very busy and doesn't want to come back for multiple visits, sedation dentistry is really a wonderful way to complete a lot of dental care in very few visits. Sometimes in as little as one visit, a patient can have all their dental work done. It's also great for patients who may have problems with gagging or had difficulty with becoming numb. Sedation dentistry helps with all of that. It's extremely safe. There's many different options that we provide our patients, whether it's simple nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, sedation or IV sedation, which allows us really to have somebody totally, totally comfortable and have little or no memory of the procedure. No memory of the procedure being done, no memory of the sounds or smells or noises that are going on in the dental office. Our team is totally trained to take care of the sedation patient. They are fully monitored with sophisticated medical equipment, and they're never, ever left alone during the procedure. DR. MARCY GOLDIN: Sedation dentistry has been such an amazing adjunct to our traditional dentistry that I don't know how we ever got along without it. It can make your dental appointment the best you've ever had.

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