The Benefits of General Dentistry


Improve and maintain your oral health with general dentistry from the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute. Invisalign is a general dentistry treatment that can provide a comfortable and discreet way to straighten your smile if you have crooked teeth. We can also help you maintain optimal dental health with oral appliances that can address a number of conditions including bruxism and sleep apnea.

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General dentistry has three very big areas that we like to provide here in our office. One is Invisalign. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that allows for clear aligners to help to move your teeth quickly and comfortably. Invisalign is popular with adults because most people don't want to walk around with metal in their mouth, no braces, no wires. Instead, we can provide something that's quick and easy, and looks beautiful while you're doing it. An important area of general dentistry is prevention. With prevention, we can help to make sure that your teeth last much longer. A great way to do that is with an occlusal guard. It helps to prevent from bruxism and damage from night-time destruction of your teeth. Often, I see patients that come in with headaches in the morning, with sore muscles in the morning. If we can provide you with a night-time appliance, that can help to take a lot of that pain away and help your muscles to relax. Sleep apnea is a condition where, as you're sleeping, your airway closes. We can provide an oral appliance that helps to open your airway. It's a very comfortable appliance that can reposition your jaw, open your airway, allow you to breathe better, and it can save your life. Dentistry has advanced in an incredible way. We used to have to take impressions for crowns, but now we can take a scan, a digital scan of your teeth. With that, I can personally design and make the crown exactly how it should be, mill it in the office in one day in an incredible material, the same material that I would ask a lab to use, and then seat it that day in one comfortable and easy visit. My favorite part about general dentistry is being able to work with a patient through all different phases of general dentistry. It could be a phase where someone needs surgical treatment, they could need root canal treatment, they could need something that's very difficult, all the way until the end process where they have a beautiful smile. They can finally have something that they're proud of, that they're comfortable with, that they can chew and eat and be presentable with throughout their life.

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