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Our Oakland County office employs the latest dental technology, including digital X-rays, I-CAT 3D Dental CT Scanner and dental lasers, to provide state-of-the-art dental care to our patients. Going to the dentist is better today than ever before, thanks in large part to the amazing dental technology available today!

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DR. CRAIG GOLDIN: Our office is proud to offer the technologies of digital x-rays and our I-CAT CBCT scanner. Digital x-rays are incredible in that they reduce the amount of radiation a patient receives, about 80% from traditional x-rays. That's really, really nice. And the x-rays come up on a computer screen instantly when they're taken. And the dentist has the ability to change the size or the contrast of the x-ray so that we can diagnose things really much better than we could ever with traditional dental x-rays. Our I-CAT CBCT scanner is wonderful. It allows us to see the patient's jaws and teeth in three dimensions, not only in two dimensions like a traditional x-ray. That makes particularly a surgical procedure, like the placement of dental implants or the extraction of molars or wisdom teeth much safer, because we can see in the patient's jaws where their anatomy is. So it's a much, much safer way to do dentistry, particularly if we're doing surgical procedures. Our office is proud to be only one of a handful, just a few offices in the state of Michigan that was offered the opportunity to have an I-CAT CBCT scanner by the state of Michigan.
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