Achieve a Healthy New Smile with a Full Mouth Reconstruction


If you deal with daily discomfort due to multiple oral health issues, a full mouth reconstruction may be the solution to your problems. After discussing your goals and evaluating your oral health, our dentists can develop a treatment plan to restore both health and beauty to your teeth. Our full-service dentistry practice utilizes state-of-the-art technology and innovative procedures.

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So many times patients come to our office and they really don't know what their needs are. They know they might want a nicer smile. They know that they're unhappy with the appearance and their comfort of their teeth. And in many cases, a full mouth rehabilitation is the best cure that we can possibly give our patients. We start with a consultation with our patients to really find out what their goals are. In some patients, they're thinking they just want a nicer smile, but when we evaluate the health, very often we find other issues that need to be addressed. In a patient requiring full mouth rehabilitation, we start with health first, health, function, and beauty in that order. We're going to get our patients healthy, we're going to get their gums healthy, and we're going to make sure that, when we're done with their care, that they can function and eat whatever they want to eat without worrying about having dental problems or having restorations that were placed falling off. So it's critical that this be done the right way. Sometimes, full mouth rehabilitation includes Invisalign or orthodontics to help straighten the teeth before we do the restorative care. In some cases, patients may lose a tooth, in which case, we really need to be thinking about dental implants or how we can replace that missing tooth. We are a full-service dental practice. We meet all of our patients' dental needs. Our patients are totally relaxed because they receive IV sedation dentistry. I'm certified in IV sedation dentistry, and that's how I'd want to have my dentistry done. We're here to change lives. We want to make our patient love what they have in terms of a smile and be so excited to smile when they've been holding back for years. We want them to be confident and excited about their new smile and their new healthy mouth, which we've achieved with full mouth rehabilitation dentistry.

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