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Dr. Craig Goldin took care of Alan's smile problem with Veneers. Alan is very happy with his results! Alan says he's gotten a lot of compliments from people of all ages about his new smile. He also says, "many dentists will tell you that they specialize in cosmetic dentistry. But not all of them have the training and expertise that Dr. Goldin has."

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ALAN: When I came in for routine dental care, for years, Dr. Goldin told me that if I didn't stop grinding my teeth, I was going to lose them, and I finally reached the point where I chipped one of my front teeth, and I really had to make a decision, because I was about to grind them down almost to nothing. So at that point, we talked about the options, and when he explained what veneers would do for me and showed me some before and after pictures, I became interested. And after I had the procedure done, which by the way, only took two different times, and once they were fitted and once they were in my mouth, I had all the incentive I needed to wear my bite splint every night to protect my investment. A lot of people have noticed. I've gotten a lot of compliments from people my age, people younger than me. My smile's totally changed, and not only that, the color matching that he did was amazing. From the time I came into the office to the time I left with my veneers, it took about three weeks, and during those two appointments, I felt no pain whatsoever, and the time that I invested in the procedure was well worth the outcome. A lot of people have noticed the change in my smile. People that I work with, people that I encounter, even strangers have commented on how nice my smile is now, and I always explain to them that I got veneers. I tell them that I went to Dr. Craig Goldin and I always recommend him. He treats all his patients as family, and when you come to his office and you are a patient of his, you'll receive a personal phone call the day after you're at the office if you've had a procedure done and he's concerned about you. He will come into the office on a weekend for an emergency. He's very focused on patient care and patient treatment and patient satisfaction. Many dentists will tell you that they specialize in cosmetic dentistry, but not all of them have the training and the expertise that Dr. Goldin has. Dr. Goldin has received a number of national awards for cosmetic dentistry. He has training well beyond the training that most dentists receive, and the results speak for themselves.

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