Restore Your Smile with Full-Arch Implant Bridges


For patients suffering from tooth loss, dental implants offer unparalleled stability for a life-like restoration. Our dentists can provide full-arch implant bridges in a single office visit. Enjoy life again with a beautiful smile thanks to dental implants!

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Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry, totally changed the way we see things in dentistry. We can help so many patients replace their missing teeth. If they have failing teeth, the teeth are removed and replaced with dental implants. If they're already missing their teeth, implants are placed. And we make for them a beautiful bridge which is not removable and stays in their mouth and replaces their failing teeth and changes their lives and gives them their lives back. These implant bridges are beautiful, and they function like natural teeth. And patients, having this procedure done, it's amazing. They report minimal or no discomfort whatsoever from the procedure. Dental implants may range from as few as two implants to help stabilize a denture to as many as six, which would hold an implant bridge that doesn't come out. There's so many solutions and options available that we can offer our patients. Our patients often ask us, "How long will I be without my teeth?" especially if they're losing their teeth because of disease. The answer is you'll never be without teeth. We will give you teeth immediately. If you're losing your teeth, and those teeth need to come out, you're going to walk out that same day with beautiful, new teeth. What we offer will allow our patients to get their confidence back and their ability to taste foods and enjoy life like they once did. We are a full-service dental practice. We meet all of our patients' dental needs. Our patients are totally relaxed because they receive IV sedation dentistry. I'm certified in IV sedation dentistry. And that's how I would want to have my dentistry done. We're excited to offer our patients options to allow them to fit this type of dentistry into their budget. We do that by finding financing for our patients. We have multiple companies that we work with so that our patients can find the financing they need to get the dentistry that they deserve to have and enjoy their life, once again, right away.

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