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Jean came to Dr. Craig Goldin after searching for a dentist who offers both sedation dentistry and root canal treatments. Dr. Goldin and his team made Jean's dental visits easy and comfortable. She says she could always "trust everyone here."

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JEAN: I went in search of looking for someone to do some work for me, and I needed some root canals and I was just tired of having to think about the pain and all of that. So I went in search for a doctor that did sedation dentistry, and I called up here, and right from the first time I talked to someone, they were very comfortable with me. I made the appointment and then I pull up here and I walk into this beautiful building, and it's so impressive. They greeted me. They knew my name. Are you Jean? And we're so glad you're here, and from that time forward through the whole exam, someone had me by the hand, telling me what they were going to do, why they were going to do it. Then I met the doctor, and he came in and did his exam, and that was very nice. He's smiling, and he's very energetic. He made me feel like he knew me, he was really glad that I was here, and every time that I come in, he still is that energetic and that wonderful with me. Just that whole first appointment was more than I had anticipated. I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine it going any better. When I came in, I had sedation dentistry. It's a long process. They had someone with me the entire day, monitoring me when they put me to sleep. Someone always walked with me if I was at all under any kind of medication. I felt like when I walked in the door, I didn't have to worry that I wasn't in good hands. I always felt that I could trust everyone here, and I'm not that trusting, and dental experiences in the past have not been that way. But through my procedure, the initial procedure with my crowns, even through my cleanings, when Dr. Goldin says I'm going to do this and I promise, it's not going to hurt or it's not going to be uncomfortable, I know that I can really just relax. I do come back here, because I think I've made this great investment. I have this great smile. Why would I trust it to substandard dentistry? I have no reason not to come here. I mean, I like them. I trust them. They know me by name. They know my husband. They ask me about my children. I mean, it just--there would be no reason to not go here. It just wouldn't make sense. I refer anyone that asks about my teeth. I would send them here, definitely.

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