Karl and Jill Are Thrilled with Their New Smiles


In this dental implants testimonial, Karl and Jill say they both had significant issues affecting the form and function of their smiles before visiting the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute in Troy. After both Karl and Jill decided on dental implants to restore their smiles, they are amazed at the results. Thanks to dental implants from the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, Karl and Jill are now proud to share their beautiful smiles with the world.

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Karl: Through neglect, the fact of not seeing a dentist in several years caused my teeth to decay. I had a couple of missing teeth. I had two driving forces. One is the health of my mouth and the fact of looking good for my wife and family when we attended social affairs. Jill: We had a wedding to go to. And of course, he was very self-conscious about his smile, and he needed some major restorative work done as well. Karl: When the options of taking care of my dental problems was presented to me, there were several options, and Dr. Goldin and his staff lean toward doing dental implants because of the quality of life. My experience going through the implant process was very simple. It was through the use of sedation. The pain was not experienced. When I had the opportunity to first look at the results after the implants were in place, I was astounded. I was happy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing for myself. Jill: We are so absolutely thrilled with the outcome. It's so natural, it is just really beautiful. And to see him laugh and smile and eat his favorite foods is priceless. Karl: My wife came to the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute because of my experiences. She had some significant challenges with her mouth. Jill: I had gum disease, and I had a bridge failure, and I had caps that failed. So I was a mess. The treatment program was designed for me to progress at my own pace and for him to monitor my treatment program, and ultimately, to recommend that I go with the implant route. Karl He's done a fantastic job with her smile, and her eating habits have improved. Jill: I was totally amazed. The next day, I had a beautiful temporary smile. My facial structure had changed. I had a fuller face. I could smile. I was comfortable, and everyone was so happy for me and very proud of their work as was I. It was customized to my needs and my face, and it was art.

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