Veneers Provided Philip the Results He'd Been Trying to Achieve for Years


Since childhood, Philip has been self-conscious about the appearance of his teeth. After years of trying teeth whitening and other procedures, Philip visited the Cosmetic Dentistry Institute where Dr. Goldin recommended veneers to brighten his smile. In this porcelain veneers testimonial, Philip says after his treatment, he no longer worries about hiding his smile when having fun with his friends and family.

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My teeth had a yellowish stain to it. As a child, I had antibiotics because I had a lot of ear infections which had stained my teeth yellow. When I would smile, I would sometimes cover my mouth or laughing, I would cover my mouth. But I'd also constantly be looking for whitening products and having other procedures done to try and fix it, which never actually did anything. I kept noticing more and more self-conscious about smiling and laughing. And I would be thinking about it more and more when I was doing that and trying to cover it up more and more. And talking with Dr. Goldin about the options at that point, veneers were the best option because we had tried whitening and with little results. So when I came in to learn about my procedure, sat with the doctor to kind of go through how the whole procedure would look. And he also showed me other cases of people that had had the procedure done and what the outcomes were like. He wanted to make sure I had the right expectations for how everything was going to proceed and the end results, and make sure that that was what I was looking for. It's very important to me that, you know, they set expectations. And make sure that what your goals are are aligned to what the results they're going to get. When they handed me the mirror after having the procedure done, it was like the first time that I actually had teeth that I was comfortable with since my childhood. After having my veneers done and going and having fun with my friends and laughing, I started to notice that I wasn't covering my mouth as much. I was more open to laughing and showing off my teeth and smiling. I think somebody who's hiding their smile has to think of it as those should be the most joyous moments of your day is when you're laughing and when you're smiling. And when something is taking away from that, it takes away from your whole day. Getting the procedure done gives you that back.

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